Association Edge of Reef

Edge of Reef starting from February 11, 2008, is also a no profit association based in Italy (Rimini).
Edge of Reef has been operating in Indonesia from 2000, supporting research and education projects in cooperation with Università Politecnica delle Marche, on reef conservation, on human impact and environmental disturbance evaluation.
Its goal: to promote ecocompatible and sustainable development models, acting at two levels.

- At high level: education of specialists, future environmental managers, like in the master program on study and management of marine biodiversity, in coordination with Università Politecnica delle Marche and l'Università di Genova.

- At community level, giving the means and the know-how to start productive activities and sustainable exploitation, as in the project in progress in Indonesia and Maldives for the soft coral farming.
- At tourist level, promoting a new, intelligent, underwater tourism, activaly engaged in improving knowledge and in reducing the impact on sea environment, through courses and seminares.
Another result already obtained by Edge of Reef: SeaDB, the new online archive, collecting the results of the research with Università Politecnica delle Marche, an educational and scientific resource available for all the users. A sea life catalog continuously expanding.
Mediterraneum project , starting during the 2008, is an exploration of Mediterranean Sea, to take a snapshot of a Sea that is deeply and quickly changing, highlighting the dangers, the risk of extintion for some species, the migrations, especially from the Red Sea, the concrete possibility of conservation, with a modern and scientific approach considering the human presence. The chronicle of a change foretold.
Among the new scopes of the Association:

- Promote and take active part in research programs on sea and freshwater environments.
- Promote a sustainable develoment through exploitation of marine resources.
- Promote and realize popular productions on sealife to diffuse in any media (newspapers, magazines, TV, DVD, CD-ROM, websites, photo exhibits) to stimulate and improve the knowledge of sealife.
- Promote a diving activity respectful of sea life and environment.
- Promote a diving tourism respectful of sea life and environment.
- Promote and organize courses about environmental education, events, exhibits, congresses to spread knowledge about marine biology.

List of the founders:

Luca Arnone, aquarist, owner of SAT Italia.
Paola Bearzi, biologist, educational programs.
Luciana Bianchi, dance instructor, music expert.
Massimo Boyer, biologist and underwater photographer, expert of reef fish.
Matteo Guardini, author of software, videographer.
Daniele Iop, videographer.
Gian Maria Mazza, videographer.
Francesca Scoccia, naturalist, drawings.
Francesco Ricciardi, biologist and underwater photographer.
Valter Torri, videographer.
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